Test & Learn
like never before.

For marketers looking for something new, we offer the most innovative and flexible rapid-response consumer testing platform on the market today.

Why Pivot? Because quicker, more iterative consumer learning translates into faster time to market and better marketplace results.

Put the voice of your consumer to work for you.

Beyond Customizable

Winning in today’s challenging landscape necessitates flexibility, speed, and the confidence to make fearless decisions.

A deep understanding of consumer behavior is key, and unlocking that level of insights quickly demands an iterative, agile testing solution that can evolve as fast as the market itself. Introducing Pivot, the breakthrough consumer learning platform by the team at OLOGY Insights.

Qual meets quant.

Pivot recruits qualified consumers, tracking shopper journeys and purchase data as they shop realistic e-commerce and simulated shelf environments, then asks targeted questions based on research objectives and observed shopping behavior. When the test completes, we deliver actionable insights, not just data.

Real time. Real life. Real insights.

Pivot immerses consumers in a shopping experience complete with real-world marketplace noise, so you can be confident in your learning. Our platform observes actual shopping behavior and then triggers specific behaviorally-based questions to get at the “why” behind identified actions, getting to the heart of your research objectives.

Get iterative.

Once a test environment is created, follow up tests are simple and inexpensive, empowering brand owners to move faster and with more assurance by providing an agile, iterative testing platform that moves the learning process upfront where it can be most valuable. Test early, test often, test smarter.

Pivot, by Ology Insights

Deeper insights, earlier in the process.

Without question, the best learning happens at shelf. But in-store tests are time consuming and costly, and virtual tests lack that “real world feel.” Until now.

Pivot offers iterative learning featuring targeted questions triggered by shopping behavior to deliver real-world insights earlier in the process than ever before. Whether your context is e-commerce, shelf, or both, we created the most innovative and flexible consumer testing solution on the market today.

"Traditional insights companies won't let me customize tests and are too slow. I needed something to move faster, earlier in the process. This is it."

Insights Director, Innovation
Path to Purchase: Scrolled, Filtered, Purchased Time to First Purchase: 65 sec Product Index: 39 Filter: On the Go Basket Size: $18.49

Pivot can help you...

  • Evaluate new designs
  • Test new product innovations
  • Understand shopper journey and path to purchase
  • Improve product placement / planogram decisions
  • Measure design impact
  • Optimize brand messaging
  • Test pricing strategies
  • Optimize product lines
  • Improve category strategy
  • Understand purchase decisions
  • Enhance ecommerce taxonomy
  • Empower real consumer co-creation
And Much More!
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Actionable Insights

Real world results you can use right now.

There’s no data-dump here unless you ask for it. At the end of the study, we distill our findings into a simplified and concise report that answers the deeper questions and delivers real insights.